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Please note: the above is a genral example; website development methods can vary from project to project.



How much will it Cost?

The price of the project can vary depending on the development time and the amount of work needed to build and maintain the project. There are 3 main costs to consider: 1) Hosting: the cost for using a sever to run your website from. 2) Domains: your website online name for example: 3) Programming: the total hours involved in building and maintaining your project.

For the average website you would have a hosting fee of $9.00 dollars/month and a domain fee of $2.00/month. The cost of coding varies for each project.

Hosting: what is it, why do i need it?

Hosting is essentially the method of "housing" your website on-line. A hosting fee is typically the usage cost of running your website from a server - a server is a special computer in which stores your website and allows others to access it on-line. uses VPS hosting only. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, this provides access to a very fast, reliable and secure method of hosting for your website.

For more information about virtual private hosting visit: VPS Hosting: How It Works, How-to Choose, Recommendations & Discount.

Domains: what are they; why do i need them?

Domains are your on-line location ID, a set of easy-to-remember words that people use to find and access your website on-line, an example of a domain would be: Domains are a critical part of web design, often the first thing people learn about your website, and often a means of returning to it. They can also make a statement for your website. buying and choosing the right domain can be very helpful to your on-line project.

SEO: what is it, why do i need it?

SEO or Search Engine Optimizations is one of the main methods for how people can find your website on the Internet using VIA search engines. This is a critical step for obtaining maximum on-line traffic

How Long Will it Take?

The length of time for building a website varies, typically the amount of time is based on the size and detail required for the project - small projects can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months where as larger ones can take much longer depending on requirements.

Responsive Design: what is it; why do i need it?

A responsive design simply renders your website compatible for all devices, in particular mobile devices such as phones or small screen devices. This is important as your website will be accessed by multiple devices.

What About Content Updates?

Content and updates for your website will vary from project to project, if your website is one that requires constant management or consent updates there are many ways of doing so. A quick few examples are: using a social media plug-in to your website, giving you the option of added relevant or new content when desired. another method may be using a 'CMS' a Content Management System, something that give you backend acess to your website and will allow you to mange your own content.

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